Venue Details

RMIT Storey Hall Melbourne – Green Brain. 7-9 November.

Address: 342 Swanston Street Melbourne.
Reference: CLICK HERE

Auckland University of Technology (AUT). 8 November.

Address: 55 Wellesley Street East, Auckland
Venue: Room 308 AUT WG Building
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Sunday 6 November

Doctoral Colloquium


Monday 7 November

Day 1 - Melbourne venue

Session Details
8:30Onsite registration (Melbourne only)
9:0011:00Conference opening and welcome. Mahesh Prakash.
9:1511:15Keynote Speaker from Melbourne
Bob Jensen "Emerging Threats and Risk: how to identify and prepare for them"
10:0012:00Keynote Q&A. Moderator: Mahesh
10:1512:15Morning Tea Melbourne / Break online
10:4012:40Parallel Paper presentations 1
12:0014:00Practitioner abstracts 1
12:4514:45Lunch Melbourne / Break online
13:1515:15Panel 1 - Social Media Data Integration with Common Operating Picture Situational Awareness: Issues in Disaster Management
Panel Chair: Professor Deborah Bunker
14:1516:15Poster presentations 1
14:4516:45Parallel workshops. James Hilton (at RMIT in Melbourne), Mahendra Samarawickrama (online), Klaus Kremer (online).

Melbourne Field Trip to Emergency Management Victoria State Control Centre (SSC) starts at 15:00 and finishes at 16:30, 15 minutes to walk there.


Tuesday 8 November

Day 2 - Melbourne venue and Auckland hub

Session Details
8:30Onsite registration and morning tea (Auckland only)
9:00Hub opening and welcome (Auckland only)
7:309:30Parallel workshops
9:00Onsite registration (Melbourne only)
11:30Workshops finish
9:3011:30Welcome Conference Day 2: Raj Prasanna
9:4511:45Keynote speaker: Professor Sarath Kodagoda
10:3012:30Keynote Q&A. Moderator: Raj
10:4512:45Morning Tea Melbourne / Lunch Auckland / Break online
11:1513:15Poster Presentations 2
11:4513:45Practitioner Abstracts 2
12:3014:30Lunch Melbourne / Afternoon Tea Auckland / VR Simulation (Auckland only) / Break online
13:0015:00Panel 2 - Data Informed Emerging Technology Governance for Social Inclusion and Sustainability
Panel Chair: Dr Mahendra Samarawickrama
14:0016:00Parallel Paper presentations 2
15:2017:20Close / Auckland Networking


Wednesday 9 November

Day 3 - Melbourne venue

Session Details
9:0011:00Welcome Conference Day 3
9:1511:15Keynote speaker: Professor Deborah Bunker
10:0012:00Keynote Q&A
10:1512:15Morning Tea Melbourne / Break online
10:4012:40Parallel paper presentations 3
12:2014:20Poster Presentations 3
12:5014:50Lunch Melbourne / Break online
13:2015:20Practitioner Abstracts 3
14:2016:20Panel 3 – Closing Panel: So......How Do We Deal with the Unexpected?
Panel Chair: David Parsons
15:2017:20Closing remarks
15:3017:30Conference close